April 2, 2019

International Fact-Checking Day

Fact-Checking is more important now than ever. On this International Fact-Checking Day we're highlighting the work of more than 100 fact-checkers in 70+ countries coming together to fight misinformation about COVID-19

About International Fact-Checking Day

International Fact-Checking Day is promoted by the International Fact-Checking Network in partnership with fact-checking organizations around the world. We believe that fact-checking shouldn't be something only professional fact-checkers do. An accurate information ecosystem requires everyone to do their part.

Fact-Checking Day is a rallying cry for more facts in politics, journalism, and everyday life. It is meant to be lighthearted, but practical.

On this website you will find tip sheets and a reading list for everyday media consumers, course material for high school and college students, an interactive quiz and more.

Make sure to follow @factchecknet and #FactCheckIt on Twitter to take part in the global conversation on April 2.

For press inquiries, email factchecknet@poynter.org. Read about last year's edition of International Fact-Checking Day on The Washington Post.

EduCheck Map

A map of educational resources for teaching critical thinking and media, data, and misinformation literacy.

200 ways to teach about fact-checking